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Historical Burdens on Physics   download

186 articles that had appeared as columns in various German journals on school physics and on the Internet since 2001.

The previous article was the last one. At least that's what we (Georg Job and myself) decided. Originally, we had envisioned writing maybe ten or twenty articles. However, as we executed our ideas, new ones kept popping up. We saw “burdens” everywhere, just as mushroom pickers on a walk in the woods see mushrooms everywhere that a non-mushroom picker doesn't notice. The result was a list of topics that, despite all efforts to work through it, did not get any shorter and whose length oscillated back and forth between 30 and 50. It has not become shorter until today. So there seems to be no natural end. Therefore, we had to decide on the end ourselves, and that's what we are doing now. 

All articles are now combined in one file. They also exist in Spanish, Chinese and French.

F. Herrmann and G. Job

September 2022

For the Junior High School

Volume 1: Energy, momentum, entropy

Volume 2: Data, electricity, light 

Volume 3: Reactions, waves, atoms

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For the Primary School

The Energy book

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Publications on MDPI: Which Physical Quantity Deserves the Name “Quantity of Heat”?

The chain fountain with momentum currents 


Guest publication

An Electrical Model of a Carnot Cycle

MINGHUA CHEN, Teacher Education Center, Shaoxing, China

Guest publication

Thoughts on the Karlsruhe Physics Course

GUOBIN WU, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Guest publication

Comment on ‘A new perspective of how to understand entropy in thermodynamics’

MINHUA CHEN, Jianhu High School, Shaoxing, China